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Streamline your guest experience while saving on printing costs and enhancing overall efficiency. Our user-friendly platform allows you to create a customised digital compendium that guests can access on their devices.

Hotels / Motels


/ Month

Perfect for your Hotel/Motel – Just add on how many rooms you need for +$1.00 per month each & how many extra properties you have for $10.95 per month each

Hotel/Motel Sign Up

(A property is classed as a single motel/hotel with multiple rentable rooms per property)
A room is a rentable apartment or unit - Please state the total number across any and all properties if applicable.

All prices quoted in AUD and include GST where applicable.

For Hotels / Motels: You are able to have multiple rooms (i.e. Hotel rooms) and multiple properties (I.e. If you manage multiple buildings) under one account at the additional pricing listed above, which will be added to your monthly fee.