Features your guests need!

With over a decade of experience in the accommodation industry, we know what your guests need to know.

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Our always expanding list of features...

Mobile, Without The Download

Guests don't want to download an app every time they check in, give them a mobile-optimised website instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

Save your reception staffs time, by placing the answers at your guests fingertips.

Your Own Branding

Your guest portal is branded with your own logo and primary colour scheme.

Wi-Fi Details

Give guests their Wi-Fi details via the app, change whenever you need

Parking Guides

Create parking guides for your guests to ensure they park in the right spot

Reception Hours

Set rules to show different phone and email addresses at different times of the day

Near Me

Your guests will find everything they need, from the nearest ATM to supermarkets to Cafes & Restaurants

Local Events

We curate a calendar of local events so that your guests can always find something to do nearby

Local Attractions

Let your guests book theme park tickets and make your commission through your linked Experience Oz account (Pro plan only)

Appliance Instructions

Upload manuals and or bullet points of appliances specific to that room, allowing them to troubleshoot an issue before lodging a maintenance request.

Property Guide

Let Guest Brief be your e-Compendium to inform guests of opening times for facilities, your noise policy, and anything else you might believe enhances their stay (make edits once only, save the cost of physical compendium updates)

Light & Dark Mode

Let your guests get the information they need with either light or dark mode options