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What exactly is a Digital Guest Compendium?

A Digital Guest Compendium, such as Guest Brief is an online substitute for a printed traditional booklet containing information and resources about the hotel. The Digital Guest Compendium is usually available on electronic devices including tablets and smartphones.

Instead of providing a physical booklet or binder in guest rooms, the digital guest compendium enables guests to view relevant information about the property services amenities local attractions and other details via user-friendly interface directly on their devices. This is an advantage of the digital format because real-time updating information eliminates printing costs and provides a more dynamic experience to guests.

Some common features of digital guest compendiums may include:

Welcome Information: Hello and a brief description of the hotel or resort.

Room Amenities: The amenities that are included in the guest rooms.

Facilities: On-site restaurants, bars fitness centres, pools and spas.

Local Attractions: Suggestions about nearby sights, restaurants, shopping centers and other related attractions.

Policies: The check-in/checkout procedures, parking facilities and policies regarding pets are also provided along with other important details.

Contact Information: Information regarding emergency contacts, the front desk details and other contact information.

Through using digital guest compendiums, hotels have an opportunity to improve the experience of their guests by increasing the availability and relevance of information as well as supporting environmentally conscious initiatives by eliminating unnecessary paper material.