Enhance Your Guest Experience

Streamline your guest experience with our Digital Guest Compendium. Guest Brief is an interactive, contact-free platform that offers guests a convenient guide to your property, FAQs, and local area information. Perfect for hotels, motels, Airbnbs, private rentals, RVs, and caravan parks.

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Simplify Guest Interactions, Boost Your Bookings

Tired of answering the same guest questions over and over? With over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, we know just how much time repetitive queries can take up. Our streamlined solution is designed to free up your time so you can focus on generating more bookings. Connect with guests efficiently and watch your business grow. Turn those repetitive inquiries into opportunities for more reservations and happier customers. Experience the ease and benefits of a more automated approach today!

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Customise What Your Guests See First!

Imagine a fully configurable front page that allows you to showcase the information most important to your guests. Enhance their experience by controlling the content that matters most to them, ensuring a personalised and engaging stay from the moment they arrive.

Local Highlights at Your Guests Fingertips

Our curated lists feature everything from ATMs and convenience stores to dining options and more. This makes it easy for your guests to find what they’re looking for, while saving your staff time on basic enquiries. With our handpicked recommendations, your guests can be confident that their search will lead them to great finds, enhancing their overall experience.

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Never Enough Time in the Day? Solved!

Guest Brief offers real-time updates for your compendium and marketing materials, resulting in significant cost and time savings. By eliminating the need for re-printing and physical page replacements, you can deliver up-to-the-minute digital guest compendiums directly to their mobile devices. This reduces operational costs and stress, freeing up time for the myriad other tasks that make up your typical day.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Time and Money Saver – As a business owner, catering to guests is essential, but it often comes with a barrage of repetitive questions. Stay one step ahead by providing guests with a comprehensive resource that puts frequently asked questions, your terms, house rules, and anything else that consumes your valuable time at their fingertips.

Eco-Friendly Choice – Bid farewell to paper guides! By eliminating the need for constant reprints, not only do you cut costs, but you also contribute to saving the environment. It’s a double win!

Contactless Experience – With the growing demand for contactless solutions, it’s important to meet customers’ expectations. Regardless of age, people have become well-versed in using QR codes, making them a convenient and hassle-free way to access information.

Our extensive research has revealed that guests, particularly those on short-term stays, strongly dislike the idea of downloading mobile applications. Thanks to advancements in modern web applications, there is no longer a need for such downloads on smartphones. Enjoy seamless access without the hassle of app installations!

Experience our services risk-free for 14 days. Our user-friendly setup wizard allows you to enter the essential information in just a few minutes. Additionally, we seamlessly source nearby localities via Google, which you can easily customise to fit your needs. Start your free trial today and see the difference for yourself!

If you prefer not to set it up yourself, we offer an affordable setup fee where we handle everything for you. Simply send us your current guest guide (PDF, Word, etc.), and we will digitise it and get your system set up within a couple of days. Let us do the work so you can enjoy a seamless experience!

See it in action.

See a demo of what your guests will see by scanning the QR code on your mobile device (or if you are on a mobile device, simply click on the code below.)